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Carving Out Your Next Career in the Property Industry!

The Wonderful Experiences That Comes From The Job As A Property Manager

As a property manager, you can find unique apartments that offer a consistent and refined hotel experience right at home. You can almost relax knowing that our homes are always ready. 

Whether you are relaxing by the poolside or taking a long walk on the beach, East Coast has some of the best beachfront condo. Vacationing at East Coast is effortless.You have private beach access, a large pool, and two comfortable hot tubs. 

The area boasts luxurious resorts, high-end Wailea Golf and other beautiful beaches. Singapore is home to stunning resorts, making it one of the best places on Maui, especially for couples. Although teeming with tourists, the shopping streets of this small island are a historic whaling community and the capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom. 

With an on-site fitness centre and hot tub, this is a must-visit for families looking for comfort. Just two miles from Iao Valley State Park, this place feels far from the tourist crowds without compromising quality. Visitors rated it a 9.7 for location, and it’s as quiet, rural, and central as you’d want it to be. 

It’s a 26-minute drive from Haleakala and five minutes from Hoaloha Park and the beach. This is a gated area, but there was plenty of pool and sand options in our unit. We told the property manager, and they said if our refrigerator worked, they would reimburse us. 

The Condo is next to shopping, restaurants and resorts like Broadway and the beach. The Condo itself is spacious with a spotless and well-equipped kitchen, which was vital for me and my friends who were going to have many meals there. 

We enjoyed the ground floor with easy access to the lawn and the beach. The Laing Nani complex felt isolated and had a nice pool and beach area where we spent many hours. We also enjoyed walking around the coconut market in Kapaa and felt the coconut coast location was ideal as the north and south coasts are very busy and crowded. 

We had a wonderful holiday, and our apartment was beautiful and exactly what we needed. The Condo was in excellent condition, the views were fantastic, and the location on Myrtle Beach was perfect. Our kids enjoyed the many options at the beach and the three pools and the kallang River in Singapore

The Condo is clean and comfortable enough for 4 adults and 2 small children. It has a great location with nice views of the beach, close to the pool and quick access to the beach. It is clean, well maintained and decorated, and has the perfect view for breakfast and dinner from the balcony. 

My daughter got married at Treasury in downtown St Augustine and our stay there was wonderful. We got an apartment to rent at a reasonable price, and the stay was pleasant, and I enjoyed it. The kids felt comfortable, and it was comforting to be away from school and the ocean. 

The location of the Condo was excellent, both north and south, so it was easy to get to from anywhere. The instructions for the Condo and access to its amenities were clear and concise. The service was especially helpful for our family when we needed a place to clean up and rest between our red-eye flights. 

The newly renovated, cozy condominium features a luxurious Cal King bed, stainless steel appliances, and whisper-clean air conditioning. The King size bed in the bedroom is comfortable and has plenty of pillows so you can catch up on sleep. 

It offers privacy with a set of bunk beds, a separate queen size bed, a flat-screen TV and DVD. The second bedroom has a day bed and a trundle bed, making it a great choice for couples with children. This efficiency offers total privacy, a queen sofa bed, a large flat-screen TV and a private balcony so as to relax on after a day at the beach. 

You have a small kitchen with a micro-fridge and microwave and access to a second full bath in the hallway. The apartment is located at Hilton Head Island in Fiddler Cove in room 1 with a queen bed, dresser, closet, private bath, flat-screen TV and cable.

In the morning, your little ones will get up from their full bunk beds to spend the day with all the amenities of the community. Beach equipment includes several sun loungers, a normal umbrella with attached beach umbrella, beach towels, mats, blankets, two coolers and two beach buggies so that you do not have to take all your equipment to the beach. Bring your laptop with you to stay connected with friends, family and work.

Visiting a condominium in a condominium can help to escape the feeling of being overwhelmed by your hectic calendar and the clutter of everyday life. The apartment has a queen-size bed in each bedroom, which is comfortable and has lots of pillows so you can catch up on sleep. Read bedtime stories under the sconces on the two bunk beds in the hallway.

The parquet floors and bamboo cabinets give way to sea views from the windows. The golf course offers magnificent views in summer, fireworks in winter and a wonderland of unlimited snow for children. Sources: 5, 6

The condominium has its own parking space in the carport. If you are sensitive to cigarette smoke or have allergies, the smell from the device may not be good for you. The device is smoke-free, but if his neighbors smoke next to him, the odor may be present.

Perks Of Being A Real Estate Agent And Important Points You Need To Take Note

It seems like real estate agents in Singapore have the best job. They are essentially their own bosses, possess the freedom to operate whenever they want, and can potentially earn five to six-figure commissions.

If they’re fortunate, they can even receive a million-dollar commission. In fact, one agent made a massive $1.5 million commission in mid-2015 after selling a $51 million penthouse.

With so many advantages that come with the job and the possibility to earn million-dollar commissions, it’s no wonder that a profession as a real estate agent in Singapore is highly sought after.

Unfortunately, not everything about the business is rosy. 

So before you apply for a real estate agent license in Singapore, there are a few things you should understand first. 

Real estate agents may not have income for months.

One of the biggest obstacles you may encounter as a real estate agent in Singapore is that you may not be able to close deals for months, so you will have no income during that time.

While you can earn a high commission from an individual sale, the industry follows a cyclical trend. This means that there may be seasons when many people are in a rush to buy homes and times when businesses are slow. 

Aspiring real estate agents in Singapore should be conscious of the cyclical reality of Singapore’s property market.

Let’s take a look at the yearly transactions of new private homes in Singapore. From 2008 to 2012, recent private home sales (excluding executive condos) increased significantly from 14,904 units to 22,197 units per year. 

But when the cooling measures took place in mid-2013, transaction volumes fell to 14,948 units. Then in 2014, sales plummeted by more than half to 7,316 units.

Although sales volume rebounded from 2015, it is still not as high as in previous years. Over the past five years, sales have averaged about 9,945 homes, which is still below the norm of 14,729 homes sold between 2007 and 2013.

While the above figures do not reflect the commission paid to estate agents from lettings and transactions for HDB resale flats and private resale properties, the sale of new private homes accounts for a significant portion of an estate agent’s wages.

Property Agent’s Salary Depends Solely to close deals

One of the most important perks of being a real estate agent in Singapore is that you get commissions from sales and rentals that typically exceed the monthly salary of an average job in the city-state. Yet, this also means that you may not enjoy a regular and steady income and only get paid when you close a deal.

Therefore, you may only earn more if you close a more significant quantity of real estate deals or close a smaller number of high-value sales, e.g. The $51 Million Condo Deal Le Nouvel Ardmore. This means that your salary is not fixed and can fluctuate from high to low. 

While there are no black and white rates or guidelines on how much real estate agents in Singapore should be paid per closed deal, you can expect to get a 1.5% commission for successfully selling a house, as well as one month’s rent for every 2-year lease.

Let’s say you manage to sell four private condos at $900,000 each in a given year. At 1.5% commission on each deal, this means you will make $55,000 that year.

This translates to a monthly salary of about $4,323.33, which is not bad for a monthly pay, considering that it is higher than the median wage of $4,734 in Singapore in 2020. 

But when you factor in the additional expenses you’ll have to incur to close transactions, that amount might not turn out to be so high… Not to mention that the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) is now looking into commission rates charged by real estate agents. There is a possibility that commission rates for real estate agents will go down soon.

Important and Useful Pointers To Help You Land Your Next Job

Self-Upgrading Is Important

Let’s take an example from the television industry: you always see that every television company comes out with something new every quarter of the year. Many of them are minimal, incremental upgrades, but they bring them out for the masses. There’s always a constant upgrade from the last best product they put out because they don’t want to be left laggard in the race to the top.

Just like us, we have to constantly evolve. When we equip ourselves with new capabilities, we become more competent. It also increases our value as a brand. In many professions, you want to be equipped with the latest trends. As jobs move at a fast pace. If you can’t keep up with the latest courses, you will definitely lose out on your equals awareness of the latest trends. You wouldn’t want that to occur to you.

Increase In Pay / Salary

I’d be lying to you if I told you I wasn’t concerned about my salary. We know that being satisfied with our job is also essential, but I believe that both (job satisfaction and salary) will always be crucial factors for any individual to decide whether to stay in the same job or if it’s time to pack things up and feel more rewarding elsewhere. Sometimes you grapple with advancing in your career because you lack specific skills to put yourself in better positions, which means better pay, leading to you losing out to your peers. Therefore, with the aid of self-upgrading, you can make choices to get a better paying job.

New Job Opportunities

There comes a time when you feel like you’re stagnating in your career and want to move forward. Maybe you need a breath of fresh air – a new work environment. Imagine asking for your dream job, but you don’t have the right skills the position requires. Now, if you are equipped with the right skills, you can get the job. You will be competing with people who are like you or people who have more experience.

What you need to do now is

  • Be yourself
  • Have confidence
  • Have a good first impression/image

Remember this thoroughly! You may not want to let yourself down and not get your ideal job, right?

Standing From From The Crowd

It’s undoubtedly harder to get a job these days. Sometimes you may have the talent, but it’s hard to get accepted because many companies require a formal criterion.

So why not take a step back and attend formal training courses that will give you a certificate to certify yourself. With the diverse skills you gain, you can offer companies a unique selling point. This will effortlessly set you apart from the competition.

Professional development doesn’t have to stay in the context of your current job and obligations. While becoming marketable starts in your current position, it’s also about looking to the future and considering what potential employers will need and what your future career path might look like.

Making yourself more marketable involves committing to growing your skills and knowledge to stay current, contentious, and in a solid position to compete for roles in the future market.